Daily, Weekend and Weekly Pole Rental  Daily Rental $20.00 per day Weekend Rental $55.00
Friday thru Monday (Pick up at 3:00 and Return by 5pm) -Weekly Rental $75.00-

Monday (Pick up at 3:00 and Return by 5pm)

Season Rental door  December, January, February Outdoor-March, April, May (Oklahoma Meet of Champions last day of rental)
Summer June, July, August off Season September, October, November
Pole Size     Season Rental Price        Buy New
    9’                     $155.00                                   $305.00
            10’                   $155.00                                   $315.00          
11’                   $160.00                                   $325.00
11’6                 $165.00                                   $455.00
12’1                 $170.00                                   $485.00
12’7                 $175.00                                   $505.00
13’1                 $185.00                                   $545.00
13’7                 $195.00                                   $575.00
14’1                 $205.00                                   $605.00
14’7                 $230.00                                   $680.00
15’1                 $265.00                                   $780.00
15’7                 $280.00                                   $830.00
16’1                 $290.00                                   $860.00
16’5                 $395.00                                   $880.00 
How to Exchange Seasonal Rental Poles
The cost to exchange a pole is $20.00 plus the difference of an up upgrade if applicable. Example: if you rent an 11’ pole and want to replace it with an 11’6 pole the price will be $20.00 for the exchange and $10.00 for the upgrade. 
Renters responsibility The renter assumes all responsibility of the Pole Vault poles and assumes all the risks associated with Pole Vaulting. Wholesale Track and Field Sports Equipment Supply and its associates will not be held liable for any damages associated with the Pole Vault Poles rented. The renter is responsible for the pick-up and return of all pole vault poles.
The renter is responsible of the care and maintenance of the poles while they are in the renter’s possession. If for any reason a pole is damaged, scratched, broken, lost, rendered unsafe, deemed unsafe etc. while in your care, understand that you are responsible for finding the means to replace the cost of the pole. If the pole is damaged, contact us immediately. (405) 748-7171
 If poles are not returned on the return date specified/listed, a $60.00 fee per pole will be imposed. If the poles are not returned within 10 days of the return date, the renter will be charge for the poles full replacement price and include shipping charges.
 Pole Insurance Pole vault pole rental insurance is available at an additional cost.
This insurance covers accidental damage or breakage to the pole. *You do not have to buy this to rent poles*
There is a one-time charge of $110.00 per season for up to three poles, then $20.00 per each additional rental pole. This covers any poles that may get spiked or break during your agreement. This is a non-refundable fee. Wholesale Track and Field Sports Equipment Supply must receive all the pieces of the pole damaged and returned to us and a claim of pole damage must be made within 48 hours of damage.  By not purchasing “insurance” you agree to the terms regarding damaged poles. Additionally, if a pole is returned in unfavorable condition you will be charged for the cost of the pole.  This insurance does not cover any injury or death that may occur while or during the use of Wholesale Track and Field Sports Equipment Supply Pole(s) or equipment. This cannot be added to the purchase of new poles. Wholesale Track and Field Sports Equipment Supply 9412 Georgia Ave 
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73120 OFF Phone (405) 748-7171                Cell Phone (405) 306-4148








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