Call Tod Perry for Availability and Sizing!

Buy 3 ESSX vaulting poles and get a discount on a Rock Back bag to help transport them with protection! 

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Tod Perry can fit your ESSX poles to your team. If you know weight of athlete, handgrip, height of their best jump. He can dial in the right pole!

Just give him a call with this info  

Tod Perry 405-306-4148

ESSX POWER X-  9’  $305     ESSX POWER X- 10’ $315

ESSX POWER X- 11’ $325           ESSX RECOIL RU-11’6” $455

ESSX RECOIL RU-12’0” $485      ESSX RECOIL RU-12’7” $505

ESSX RECOIL RU-13’1” $545        ESSX RECOIL RAU-13’7” $575

ESSX RECOIL RAU-14’1” $605     ESSX RECOIL RAU-15’1” $780

ESSX RECOIL RAU-15’7” $830    ESSX RECOIL RAU-16’1” $900

ESSX RECOIL RAU-16’5” $900